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The Shapeless Unease, by Samantha Harvey


A bad night of sleep can lead to a bad morning. A bad year of sleep can unstitch your whole life. Insomnia can be a sinister bedfellow. It can creep insidiously into everything. It can erode and corrode your everyday being, turning every colour, every sound, every smell, into something monotonous, into a greyish hue. This is what happened to Samantha Harvey […] See more >>


The Lonely Londoners, by Sam Selvon


In the wake of recent protests spurred on by the death of George Floyd, societies round the world have been looking more closely at their own histories of racial discrimination, thinking  about the role which racial structures have played in the development of Western nations. Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners is useful in this regard, looking at the UK’s own history of racial discrimination […] See more >>

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